1. Majestic Global Logistics Network (hereafter known as MGLN) is a non-exclusive network of independent freight forwarders and international logistics companies.
    2. MGLN membership per country USA, INDIA, CHINA can have 5 members of Head Offices but we can register many branches and medium-range country can have 4 or 3 Head Offices and many branches and small country can have 2 Head Offices and many branch offices, for the smallest country or island we can have only 1 Head office and many branches can register.
    3. MGLN members must hold good reputations in terms of finance, operations, communications, sales coordination, and other professional factors, which can be backed up with
    at least two (2) international agency references (Mandatory).
    4. Those companies that work primarily only with their own branches cannot join MGLN.
    5. MGLN members agree to transfer at least 50% or more of their business activities to other MGLN members by their first year of membership. And it’s followed by 70% or more by the second year of membership.
    6. It is mandatory for all MGLN members to attend the Annual meetings, not missing two consecutive years without reason. Failure to do so shall result in the termination of the membership.
    7. MGLN members who are not up to date and current with their accounts with MGLN will not be allowed to attend international meetings.
    8. MGLN membership invoices for new members are payable upon presentation. For renewals, MGLN will invoice one month in advance. Renewal invoices are due thirty days after the date of the invoices.
    9. Any bilateral agency contracts between two MGLN members are considered to supersede the MGLN's standards, terms, and conditions.
    10. No MGLN members shall solicit any other MGLN member for the purpose of having that member join another forwarder network that competes with MGLN for membership.
    Majestic Global Logistics Network reserves the right to forfeit the membership of any MGLN member soliciting for other networks.
    1. MGLN members will settle all debts within thirty days of invoicing one another unless otherwise agreed.
    2. MGLN members will keep all FOB charges for themselves, only freight charges (by SEA/ AIR/LAND), a 50/50 profit share will be offered.
    3. It is automatically assumed that MGLN members will quote each other in United States Dollars. But as a best practice, all quotations from one MGLN member to another must specify the currency based on which the quote is submitted.
    4. Payments to MGLN members will be in the currency quoted, unless otherwise agreed.
    5. MGLN members must provide monthly statements to those members with they share monthly ongoing business.(Mandatory).
    6. For all ongoing MGLN business requiring offsets, unless otherwise agreed, both parties should provide statements for settlement by the 10th of each month.
    7. Any amounts that pass the 60 days overdue mark should be reported to the MGLN Coordinator.
    8. If an MGLN member requires a credit application to be duly signed and stamp prior to doing business, this should be clearly stated in quotations to all other MGLN members. Otherwise, this will not be assumed to be a requirement.
    9. MGLN Members agree that awaiting payment from someone else is not an excuse for non-payment to another member unless these were the terms prior to the trade.
    1. MGLN members agree English will be the common language of communication between MGLN members when communicating (spoken or written).
    2. MGLN members should have in their office at all time’s minimum one person to handle communications who has an internationally acceptable standard of spoken and written English.
    3. Rate request from otherMGLN members must be responded within the same working day. If the rate is not yet available, require more information, or you are unable to quote immediately, it must be promptly notified to the sending party by written.
    4. It is must all MGLN members must have a valid office address, workable telephones, faxes and e-mail systems.
    5. MGLN members should, use official company e-mail accounts for business and must refrain from using sites such as Hotmail, Yahoo!, Gmail, etc for correspondence.
    6. All routing orders /freehand shipment send to MGLN members should clearly state that the routing order/freehand shipment is from an MGLN member. This is in order to avoid confusions and to help track the member’s business support.
    7. Any amounts that pass the 60 days overdue mark should be reported to the MGLN Coordinator.
    8. If a MGLN member refuses a quote or shipment, it is mandatory to notify the other MGLN party in writing the reason WHY the quotation or cargo is being refused.
    9. If bilateral agency contracts are required by MGLN members as a condition of working with other members, this should be clearly stated in initial quotations to other MGLN members.
    1. Sales leads provided to a MGLN member must be undertaken latest by next working day.
    2. In case the sales leads are refused by any members, they should provide a reason for the same in writing.
    3. Sales Lead response and follow-up must be provided to the sending party within six working days.
    4. A report of successful lead development must be submitted to the MGLN board on a monthly basis, to recognize those active members during the AGM.
    1. Any official complaints regarding MGLN members should be made to the MGLN Coordinator with a cc to the MGLN Executive Director. Any official complaints regarding MGLN staff should be made directly to the MGLN Executive Director/BOD (Board of Directors)
    2. MGLN members may be dismissed at the discretion of the B.O.D(Board of Directors) for non-conformity with the MGLN Standards, Terms and Conditions listed here.
    3. MGLN members may be dismissed at the discretion of the B.O.D (Board of Directors) for refusing to quote to or work with other MGLN members if they have never worked together.
    4. MGLN members may be dismissed at the discretion of the B.O.D (Board of Directors) for non-payment of non-disputed debts to other members.
    5. MGLN members may be dismissed at the discretion of the B.O.D (Board of Directors) for non-payment of membership subscription fees after two official warnings.
    6. MGLN Members who are dismissed due to various reason listed above shall not get refund of membership fees paid for that year.
    7. Dismissal of MGLN members for financial reasons will be broadcast to all members for their financial protection.
    8. The resignation of membership will have an immediate effect if no resignation date is given. If any outstanding debts or invoices are owed to MGLN, they are to be settled immediately. There will be no refund of the membership & MGP fee for resignations or withdrawal.
    The purpose of the Insolvency Insurance cover of MGLN is to provide compensation for monies lost due to non-payment of invoices for handling of transactions between MGLN-members due to insolvency or protracted default of MGLN member. The waiting period for protracted default is 45 days after issuing the date of the oldest invoice.

    What are the limitations of the insolvency coverage:
    Compensation is limited to USD 5,000.00 per MGLN-member for unpaid invoices due to another MGLN-member for the 1st year.
    Compensation is limited to USD 10,000.00 per MGLN-member for unpaid invoices due to another MGLN-member for the 2nd year.
    Compensation is limited to USD 15,000.00 per MGLN-member for unpaid invoices due to another MGLN-member for the 3rd year.
    Compensation is limited to USD 20,000.00 per MGLN-member for unpaid invoices due to another MGLN-member for the 4th year.
    For all claims, a deductible of 10% with a minimum of USD 1,000.00 will apply. The waiting period for protracted default is 45 days after the issuing date of the concerned invoice.

    If a claimant member has insolvency or other coverage with any other network for the same member, he is not eligible for the insurance.

    4. If the shipment has a delay in transit (agent's, airline delay) insurance is not covered.

    5. Cargo damaged during transit due to natural calamities, fortuitous events insurance is not covered.

    6. Member of MGLN is required to have a protection policy to claim the insurance, for the following conditions; if freight invoice is not paid and company bankruptcy.

    7. CREDIT TERMS BETWEEN MGLN MEMBERS: The maximum credit term allowed for invoices between MGLN-members is 30 days.

    8. Before 45 days of invoice expiration, members should inform MGLN Management.

    9. If transactions are made by mutual understanding only and a member has no payment protection, he is not eligible for the claim. Both members are required to have MGP to get a claim.

    10. The final decision will be given by MGLN Management and council members.
    • MGLN must organize an Annual General Meeting to provide a great method for members to elevate their services.

    • MGLN Conference Fee terms & conditions will not be refundable. The package for conference includes "1 YEAR FREE MEMBERSHIP", after a year you will pay for the regular membership offers. MGLN conference or membership fee is not refundable or not adjustable.

    • MGLN Conference might have any changes due to any reason such (natural disasters, pandemic situation, etc.). If your membership expires during that circumstances your CONFERENCE PACKAGE will still be valid until the event can do. If you wish not to renew it is acceptable however the CONFERENCE PAYMENT is not refundable and will not be valid if you are no longer a member.

    • The Annual General Meeting present one on one access to all MGLN members. They can talk about any circumstance of possible benefits in a potential business opportunity.

    • MGLN firmly suggest to all members to attend and Annual Conference. It is an essential feature of our network that agents should experience to expand, upgrade, and understand the scope of services that the other members provide in the market.