General Questions
MGLN started with an objective to find those potential agents who can truly be a vital member of the MGLN family by supporting other MGLN members with their share business and services.

MGLN Board is committed to its members with their own business volumes which would be shared in the Network. We expect to build up this culture to ensure every member of the MGLN is benefited around the year. This can be through sharing business, providing special rates and services.

Our member’s ideas and suggestions are treated with respect and values. If such ideas and suggestion can help in contributing to the growth and benefit of the network members, it would be implemented within the Network.

Majestic Global Logistics Network (MGLN) looks for those companies that can demonstrate exceptional skills in commercial cargo forwarding irrespective of nature of the cargo. We want companies who are very active in their local markets for business. We want companies who have good reputations and financial credibility both locally and abroad. A solid candidate for MGLN is a shipping or logistics company that is independent, locally established, yet willing to grow their company in conjunction with MGLN overseas partners.

Although we do not require our members to ever stop using their own agency networks that they have developed organically, as a rule of a network, we like our MGLN members to give at least 50% of their business to other MGLN members by the end of their first year of membership.

There is an application on the website that you should fill out. To go to the application click here.
If for some reason this application form doesn't work, please contact us here and we get in touch with your directly.

All mandatory boxes in the application must be filled.

It is mandatory to provide (2) international agency references. Any application without (2) references shall be rejected.

Each branch office that is applying to come into MGLN member should also supply a minimum of three references that will attest to their own ability to handle shipments. We are diligent in making sure that all offices carrying our membership are up to standard.

Upon receipt of your membership application, the executive director will personally follow up on the references. Should the references give you good recommendations and the information regarding your company’s background and reputation is verifiable then you should be offered membership, subject to the approval received from the membership committee.

Upon receipt of approval from the membership, an official notification shall be sent to you along with the membership invoice.
Once the membership fee is paid, your company name shall be broadcasted to the MGLN members and we would also add your company to the directory.

We will ask your references questions related to your operational experience, financial stability, communication practices, and pros and cons of your company while dealing, etc. Generally, we ask a question that can help the membership committee to take a final decision regarding your membership.However, your MGLN membership approval is strictly subject to membership committee decision only.

You are application can be either accepted or rejected by the committee.
In the event your application has been rejected, the applicant can apply for membership again only after (6) months.

Majestic Global Logistics Network annual membership Fee:
Head Office : USD 1500 (Special Discount - USD 1000/- for all 1st yr Founding Members ONLY) per head office
Branches : USD 500 per branch (per country).

MGLN membership is not capped. Therefore, being a non-exclusive independent forwarding network it provides fair opportunity for those applicants who can grow the network as well as share their business with other MGLN members.

Its also a policy of the MGLN board not have too many member in one location, which would undermine the opportunity of each MGLN members in that location.
Selection and no. of agents required within the Geographical area will be the sole decision of the membership committee.
If you do not see your question here or you would like more clarification then please contact us by e-mail here.